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Salish Sea Model Solution Files (GNOME format)

Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling and Particle Tracking

(This page is intended for the Salish Sea Model(SSM) project team and their collaborators. Please contact Tarang Khangaonkar if you are interested in additional information or would like access to specific model solution data sets)

GNOME (General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment) is the modeling tool the Office of Response and Restoration's (OR&R’s) Emergency Response Division uses to predict the possible route, or trajectory, a pollutant might follow in or on a body of water, such as in the case of an oil spill. The GNOME mode requires a surface current solution file (*.cur) and a map file (*.bna).

Simulation of a hypothetical oil spill in the Snohomish River estuary.

Salish Sea Model Overview

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