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Contacts and Project Team


The work highlighted on this Salish Sea model website is motivated by our project team's long-term vision to build and provide a predictive quantitative coastal ocean modeling tool and associated simulation products to our community of scientists, engineers, planners, and water-quality and land-use managers who are dedicated to protecting and planning sustainable use of our valuable Puget Sound Georgia Basin coastline and marine ecosystem. We expect to improve model domain spatial coverage, resolution, skill, sophistication, and capabilities through continuing application in connection with topics such as pollution control, habitat restoration, sea level rise, and climate change.

Please contact Tarang Khangaonkar (PNNL − PI) or Charlie Brandt (PNNL − Marine Sciences Laboratory Director) for more information about the Salish Sea Model.

Tarang Khangaonkar, Ph.D., P.E.
Program Manager - Integrated Coastal Ocean Modeling
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1100 Dexter Avenue N. Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98109
ph.(206) 528-3053

Charlie Brandt, Ph.D.
Director - Coastal Sciences Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1529 West Sequim Bay Road
Sequim, WA 98382
ph.(360) 681-4594

Contact information of our team members and collaborators from Washington State Department of Ecology and U.S. EPA is provided below.

Project Team

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (present and past contributors)
Tarang Khangaonkar, Ph.D, P.E. (206) 612-1598 PI
Wen Long, Ph.D. (206) 528-3056 CO-PI
Laura Bianucci, Ph.D. (206) 528-3414 CO-PI
Taiping Wang, Ph.D. (206) 528-3054  
Zhaoqing Yang, Ph.D. (206) 528-3057  
Taeyun Kim, Ph.D. formerly with PNNL  
Rochelle Labiosa, Ph.D. formerly with PNNL  
Washington State Department of Ecology (present and past contributors)
Mindy Roberts, Ph.D, P.E. MROB461@ECY.WA.GOV (360) 407-6804 PM
Brandon Sackmann, Ph.D. formerly with Ecology  
Teizeen Mohamedali tmoh461@ECY.WA.GOV (360) 715-5209 CO-PI
Andrew Kolosseus (360) 407-7543 WQP
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ben Cope (206)-553-1442 Sponsor

Salish Sea Model Overview

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